No es Amor lo que tu sientes, se llama obsesión +

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  1. asgood New Member

    England and English
    No es Amor Lo que tu sientes se llama obssesionUna ilusion en tu pensamientos ..mi corazo es para ti

    translation to english pls anyone? :))
  2. Liz83 Member

    Málaga, Spain
    Spain (Spanish)
    A very literal one,

    What you feel is not love, it's obsession. A hope in your mind... my heart is for you...
    But I hope it helps... ;)
  3. asgood New Member

    England and English
    thanks ya :)
  4. profe105 Senior Member

    English, United States

    Welcome to the forum! When you get a chance, you might want to check out the forum rules. Please remember to use standard capitalization, spelling, and punctuation as an appropriate model for those who are learning. Also, an attempt at your own translation along with questions about any specific doubts that you may have are greatly appreciated!

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