no es vida! y acomodar machín


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Mexican Spanish
Context: A Mexican guy, not from Mexico City but from "provincia" tells her mom in an informal conversation about her decision to get a divorce from his dad:

Son: …pero, yo creo que pasan las cosas por una razón u otra. ¡Y tú que te quieres divorciar! ¡Ay, ma!

Mom: Je, je, je. ¡Ay, hijo! Es que no… ¡es que no es vida!

Son: Tienes que acomodar, ma’, acomodar machín, como dicen; tienes que acomodar bien para que bien te vaya. Lo más importante es cuidar tu salud. ¿Haces ejercicios?

It seems to me like the son, who has gone through some rough times himself, is asking her to "hang in there" or "stand by her man", but that's just a guess from the context. I was wondering if there are any Mexicans out there who have actually heard the expression "acomodar" & "acomodar machin."

Also, how would you say "¡no es vida!" --"that's no way to live?"
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    "Machín" is mono, mico. "You'll just have to get used to it/put up with it [disagreeable as it may be]".
    No es vida: that's no life, that's no way to live.
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