no esta claro quien va o vaya...

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  1. Nicolena007 Senior Member

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    Hello! Another subjunctive question:

    No está claro quién va/vaya a recibir el cheque.

    I know that 'no está claro que...' is subjunctive, but this doesn't have the 'que' so I'm guessing 'va,' not 'vaya.'

    Thanks again!
  2. Julvenzor

    Julvenzor Senior Member

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    Both forms are correct, the election depends strictly on your point of view. The subjunctive emphasises that 'uncertainty'.

    A pleasure.
  3. Cenzontle

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    English, U.S.
    I think you'll find the indicative more common than the subjunctive in sentences like that.
    The subordinate clause "quién va a recibir el cheque" is an indirect question (thus the accent mark on "quién").
    It's like saying "No está clara la respuesta de la siguiente pregunta: ¿Quién va a recibir el cheque?"
    As an independent clause, you would ask the question in the indicative.

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