no financial loss to/of customers


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A Guardian article titled "TalkTalk paid its CEO an extra £1.8m in 2015" has this:
TalkTalk revealed Harding's pay arrangements as MPs on the culture, media and sport committee called for chief executives' earnings to be linked to the security of their company's computer systems. Their report criticised TalkTalk's lack of preparation for a large cyber-attack.

TalkTalk's computer systems were hacked in October in what was originally feared to be a mass raid on customers' personal data. The attack proved to be less widespread than first believed, with about 4% of the company's 4 million customers affected and no financial loss to customers despite the partial disclosure of payment details.
Here, is it possible to use "of" instead of "to" without changing the meaning?
no financial loss of customers
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    People would probably understand what you meant but "of" isn't the correct word to use in that context.
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