no flagging

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I guess 'no flagging' means something like 'do not give up', at least in this context, but I'm not sure:

'Persistent signals from the prefrontal cortex basically tell the nucleus accumbens, "Don't let up yet! No flagging!" THis is what happened in the brains of the healthy volunteers - but not in the brains of those suffering from depression. As time went by, in depressed patients the barrage of "Keep it up!" signals from the prefrontal cortex to the nucelus accumbens declined, and as a result activation in the reward-processing circuit did, too." (Richard J. Davidson 'The emotional life of your brain')

It refers to the research the author done on healthy people and depressed people, in which they were presented some happy pictures. The healthy ones were able to maintain the feeling of happiness whereas the depressed ones were not.
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    Very close. No flagging means "Don't slow up" or "Keep doing [something] at full strength." (Giving up may be why [someone - or here, a process personified] flags, but the flagging is the decrease or weakening of effort or action.)
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