No groping, no grinding.

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Salve. Chi mi sa dire come posso rendere decentemente "No groping, no grinding" in italiano? Per quanto riguardo il contesto, in pratica e' il preside della scuola che al ballo scolastico dice cio' agli studenti. Grazie.
  • Zsanna

    Hungarian - Hungary
    Just to make sure what we are talking about...
    groping = touching in a sexual way
    grinding (I am not sure but maybe) a sexual intercourse


    Hungarian - Hungary
    I suppose in different ages different things were considered sexually provocative, from that point of Elvis' time is gone! :)


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    True, Zxanna. But, my point was that at most it would be simulating intercourse.
    I agree with this. In this context, grinding means that the dance partners are gyrating their hips against each other, simulating intercourse. The WR dictionary defines grinding as "ballare eroticamente."

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