No hay de que; de nada; por nada

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  1. Anne Senior Member

    Are the above expressions for You're Welcome interchangeable? Or are there times when one is more appropriate?

    Also, are there any other ways to say You're Welcome?

    Thanks to a great group -

  2. Yyrkoon

    Yyrkoon Senior Member

    I'd never say "por nada"
    You can say:
    De nada
    No hay de qué
    Un placer
    Fue un placer
    Para servirle (very polite)
    And for sure that there is a big amount more that I cannot remember now.
  3. enie Senior Member

    español. España
    They all are the same. The most common is "de nada".
    If you want to know.... there is a more informal one that is "A mandar", and means that you not only haven´t had any difficulty in doing the favour, but also you´d make what he/she "mande" (mandar: pedir, ask for, order...)
    This one is, as I´ve said, is much more informal, and actually, it´s only said if you are between friends or so.
  4. Little_Little Senior Member

    Catalan (Catalonia) / Spanish (Spain)

    Por nada, I've never heard it, I think it doesn't exist. The most common one "de nada", and "no hay de qué" is also so common but I'd say a bit more polite.

    I hope I helped you!
  5. Anne Senior Member

    Thank you - this is a help, especially the por nada information. It is now deleted from my Spanish vocabulary.

  6. leivincas Senior Member

    "Por nada" maybe you have heard it but in another context, e.g:

    "No me perdería la fiesta por nada (del mundo)" = which means that you wouldn't miss the party for anything (on earth)"
  7. Anne Senior Member

    Thank you - another note for me to make.
  8. Big Papi

    Big Papi Senior Member

    Boston, Massachusetts, USA
    English - USA (EEUU)
    Quizas haya un mexicano que quiera opinar sobre eso de "por nada" ya que estoy seguro de que una amiga mexicana me decía lo mismo muchas veces.

    Un saludo.
  9. ferguson New Member

    Argentina - Spanish
    "Por nada" does exist, but it is not very common.
  10. ferguson New Member

    Argentina - Spanish
    "Por nada" does exist, but it is not very common. This is my first contribution to the community! :)
  11. mrtnclzd New Member

    Mexico Spanish
    "por nada" does exist. I'm mexican, living in Puerto Vallarta and I've heard it a lot around here. don't excluded it from your vocabulary just yet.

    I hope I can still be of help. almost a year later though. hahaha

    I'd also like to add the fact that I've always though "you're welcome" translate more properly into "es usted bienvenido", nevertheless this is a more uncommon way to respond and haven't heard it much in the past years. =)
  12. PinkCream69

    PinkCream69 Senior Member

    Chile - Español
    I say the same that you guys... I used to chat with a mexican friend and she always answered me "por nada"... hahhaa . but here in chile is more common "de nada" and maybe "no hay de que"
  13. La Silvi

    La Silvi New Member

    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Argentina, Spanish
    "Por nada" sounds bad in Argentina. I don't know if it is correct... Maybe someone else in the forum could tell us. Anyway, just say "de nada" and it will be perfect.
  14. Tellico Member

    USA - English
    I've definitely heard "por nada" from my Mexican father-in-law on many occasions. However, it sounds like it's not such a portable phrase and one of the more mainstream options might serve you better.

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