No, he does not eat ravioli

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  1. Mackinder

    Mackinder Senior Member

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    你好! :)

    他吃饺子吗? Does he eat ravioli?

    How do you say 1) No, he does not and 2) No, he does not eat ravioli please?

    My tries:

    1) 不他

    2) 不他, 他不吃饺子吗

    谢谢 朋友
    再见! :)
  2. Somone New Member

    Mandarin & Cantonese
    Hi Ginazec,
    Actually you should say: 1)不,他不吃 2)不,他不吃饺子. Never try to translate English directly into Chinese. That's just not the way we speak Chinese. ☺
  3. SuperXW

    SuperXW Senior Member

    They don't even seem like a direct translation from English... They are just...very wrong. Sorry!
    Please use Somone's translation.

    P.S. Whether "ravioli" is a equivalent of Chinese 饺子 is questionable. If you want to ask a Chinese about the Italian food, you often need to clarify it's 意大利饺 "Italian dumplings". If you are speaking English to a Chinese, I think more Chinese would recognize "dumplings" compare to the Italian word "ravioli".

    P.P.S. We don't say 再见 (goodbye) when we are expecting an answer. We say 再见 when we finish a meeting with somebody. 谢谢 朋友 is pretty enough. :)
  4. Mackinder

    Mackinder Senior Member

    Español (Colombia)
    Thank you very much friends!!

    谢谢 朋友! :)
  5. Youngfun

    Youngfun Senior Member

    Bắc Kinh
    Wu Chinese & Italian
    Ravioli is how 饺子 are called in Italian :D
  6. scanese New Member

    Spanish - Paraguay
    意大利餃 sounds better for me. 餃子 are dumplings and while ravioli are some kind of dumplings (maybe dumplings are a kind of ravioli to italians) the flavor and presentation are not.

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