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    They also moved so fast in their no-huddle look that the Giants couldn't fix it. They couldn't run a linebacker or another defensive lineman onto the field because they didn't have time. They had to wait until an incomplete pass or a stoppage in play.

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    Rather than attempting to explain the rules of American football, I'll defer to Wikipedia:
    The no-huddle offense is usually employed as part of a hurry-up offense, but it is not necessarily an attempt to snap the ball (begin the play) quicker. Rather, the lack of huddle allows the offense to threaten to snap the ball quickly, denying the defending team time to substitute players and communicate effectively between coaches and players.[2] When operating in the no-huddle, the offense typically lines up in a predetermined[clarification needed] formation at scrimmage, possibly with a predetermined play in mind. The quarterback may then call an audible, altering the play call based on a perceived weakness in the defense's response. Some teams use this methodology to react to the defense and will remain at this pre-snap state for a considerable time as the clock runs down, providing a stream of actual and counterfeit play changes.
    The offensive team starts play. The defensive team must already be in position when the offense starts play. If the offensive team is in a huddle, they cannot start play so the defensive team is free to change positions, switch out players, etc without worrying that the offensive team will start play while they have an extra person on the field or other violations of the rules. If the offensive team doesn't go into a huddle, they can start immediately.


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    The term would not likely be applied to "pioneer" or "player" as asked in the original question. The "look" in the provided context simply means the (short) look/assessment which was all the time the Giants had because the other team used a "no-huddle" offense on that play. A "huddle" by definition includes several people. A "no-huddle" player could only be one who never discussed things with his team mates - possible but unlikely. A "no-huddle" pioneer would likely be interpreted as a pioneer of the "no-huddle" tactic.
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