No, I’ll abide by my own, I’ve not much respect for people

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Here are some words from the novel Lady Chatterley's Lover(the last paragraph,page 241, chapter 11) by Lawrence (planetebook,here):
(Mrs Bolton was talking with Connie about her dead husband)
But the feeling’s something different. It’s ‘appen better never to care. But there, when I look at women who’s never really been warmed through by a man, well, they seem to me poor doolowls after all, no matter how they may dress up and gad. No, I’ll abide by my own, I’ve not much respect for people.

I'm not quite clear about its logic meaning of the last sentence. Now I rephrase it as:
No, (I won't let my husband go from my heart), and I'll abide by my own life, because I don't have care about what people think of me.

Is that right please?
Thank you in advance
  • suzi br

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    I would gloss the blue bit as "No, I'll live by myself, I have not got much respect for (other) people." I am not 100% sure of that, but I think that is what this dialiect phrasing means in Standard English.


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    I think your interpretation sounds close to correct in context, longxianchen.

    Normally "I'll abide by my own" would mean what suzi br said - I'll live by myself.

    But in this case, given the context, it seem to be meant figuratively - to mean I'll stay with my own beliefs, I won't change my mind just because most people think something different than I do.

    suzi br

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    Yes, I have been to read the earlier part of the chapter since my first response and I now agree with Truffula: it is about her beliefs.
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