No,I stayed...I was knocked out.


Hey, there ! Here's a small dialogue from an interview, Jimmy Kimmel live . Jimmy Kimmel was interviewing a popular singer Billy Eilish.

Jimmy Kimmel : Congratulations on all the award nominations you got.
Jimmy Kimmel: Were you up watching, or how did you find out?
Jimmy Kimmel: You didn't get up that early?

Billy Eilish: That went up like at 5 am. I'm not gonna wake up for that. No,I stayed...I was knocked out. My mom came and woke me up and I was like half-asleep.
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what does " stayed " mean ? I just can't figure it out!

Thank you so much !
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    Please give us some context. Where did you find this “interview?” Who are the people? What has been going on in the story?