No images in private messages?


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Why does WR allow you to paste images into public messages, but (apparently) not into private ones?

I just tried to PM another WR member asking for advice about illegible words in a JPG, but I have no way of transmitting the relevant image from my computer, and therefore I have no way of conveying the content of my question.

  • I guess because images take a lot of space in the database and when they are used in PM's, then they only serve the participants in that PM. In public forums, they serve the complete community and therefor it may be a valid reason to accept them anyway.

    As for your problem: you could use a file sharing service on the internet; e.g.
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    In this particular case I tried to solve the problem by creating a URL link to Google Drive.

    What makes this especially odd to me is that, if I were to post a public thread asking "Can you read this illegible text for me?", or equivalent, it would be liable to be removed because the thread subject is not a specific word or phrase.
    because images take a lot of space in the database
    Yes, that is the main reason. Any images that you include stay in the database forever and so I will forever be having an extra GB or two of private images to take care of. Better that you put your images somewhere else and link to them.