1. tatuml1 Member

    Naptown, Indiana
    United States; English
    What does "No mames güey" mean. I hear Mexican boys say it all the time.
  2. isadora70

    isadora70 Senior Member

    México, Español
    This is a coarse phrase. In Mexico, we use it only with close friends. It means that a person makes a mistake or you are disagree with him/her.
    I hope it helps you!
  3. SaritaSarang

    SaritaSarang Senior Member

    English - United States
    No mames, is literally translated as " dont suck" (mamar- to suck)
    and güey is a commonly used term by mexicans, when using it among friends its okay to say, but can be offensive depending on how you use it. There are some other threads about the word if you search the word.
  4. cjromo Senior Member

    Melbourne, Australia
    Chile, Spanish

    guey= dude

    anyway, i think a mexican would be more precise

    hope it helps
  5. lapachis8 Senior Member

    El Defectuoso
    Depending on the context it means:

    No shit!
    Holy shit!
    You got to be kidding me!
    Don´t fuck with me!
    I don´t believe it!
    Are you serious?

    It can be regarded as foul language, but it all depends. It couls also be really cool in certain circles. For some it would be harsh, for others it would be normal, and for others it would be mandatory to use it.

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