no matter what any of us do


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Can one say
a. No matter what any of us do, he will win.
b. No matter what any one of us does, he will win.


The sentences are mine.

I think there is a difference in the meanings. My feeling is that (b) could be followed by:
But if we act together, we can stop him.

(a) cannot be followed by that sentence. (a) is saying that even if some or all of us join forces, they won't be able to keep him from winning.
Is that correct?

Many thanks
  • owlman5

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    Hi, azz. I agree with your thoughts about the two sentences and their connection to the following sentence. "Any one" in sentence 'b' does allow for the possibility of your final sentence. Did you forget to label that one 'c' this time?;)


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    Thank you so much, Owlman5.

    Actually, no. It wasn't one of the problematic sentences. It wasn't one of the alternatives. It was supposed to follow another sentence, so I decided not to label it at all. Maybe that was a mistake, but it wasn't due to forgetfulness, it was due to flawed reasoning!!

    Many thanks.
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