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Discussion in 'Русский (Russian)' started by Melikhovo, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Melikhovo Senior Member

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    I was wondering how one would express the above phrase in the following contexts:

    1. Theres traffic on that road no matter what time of day.

    2. The restaurant is busy/packed/"dead" no matter what time of day.

    I'm sure for these two examples it would be possible to use: "весь день" somewhere, but I'm just curious if there are any other stylistic variants or preferred ways to say it.

  2. morbo Senior Member

    Off the top of my head: "в любое время дня", "с утра до вечера", "день напролет"...; also, "круглые сутки" (if it's implied that something is going on 24 hours a day...)
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  3. Melikhovo Senior Member

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    Thanks morbo. Also in my 2nd example, do you express in Russian for instance, a restaurant, party, city streets maybe, where nothing at all is going on as "dead"? for example: the restaurant's "dead" today (there's no customers), this party's "dead" (no one came), the streets are "dead" (no one's walking out on them).
    I suppose you could always use "пустые" but I'm just interested in any slang possibilities.
  4. morbo Senior Member

    Closest to that use of "dead" would be the expression "все вымерло".
    "На улицах все вымерло, в кафе и ресторанах ни души."

    "Ни души" is also a common way of saying that there are no customers, visitors, people in the streets, etc.
  5. igusarov

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    Moscow, Russia
    Note that the verb "вымирать" cannot be used to describe a "no one came" situation, because "вымереть" means that there were some people at the beginning, but then all of them have disappeared.

    Also, you may use "затихать/стихать": "Улицы маленьких городов по ночам затихают".
  6. morbo Senior Member

    There's also "мертвенно пусто" as in "Вокруг все было мертвенно пусто", but that one isn't something you'd hear very often.

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