no maximum overcoat time

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Baltic Sea

Hello everybody again!

Curing time is very short: 3 to 6 hours for overcoat with no maximum overcoat time, which facilitates a flexible application schedule for the contractor.

The underlined section in bold type seems out of place and illogical to me.

Could you help me to understand what it means?
  • Packard

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    USA, English
    Some finishes, especially clear finishes for wood floors, require that you re-coat within a narrowly defined time range.

    The instructions might read: Re-coat 30 to 60 minutes after initial application or wait 24 hours and sand then re-coat.

    But with the "no maximum time" added then the person doing the finishing can work with a more relaxed timing schedule. That relaxed timing schedule would be "flexible application schedule".
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