No me des cotorra (DR)

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  1. tru-life Senior Member

    Copenhagen, Denmark
    This song with the rapper from Dominican Republic says.

    "No me des cotorra, yo ando con los mios"

    What does he mean with that?
  2. Orgullomoore Senior Member

    Inglés estadounidense
    "No me des cotorra" is apparently "don't pee on my leg and tell me it's rain." I am not sure about "yo ando con los míos". Perhaps: "I am with my friends" or "I am doing my own thing" (Just a guess).
  3. tru-life Senior Member

    Copenhagen, Denmark
    Thank you!

    Others? Maybe from the Dominican republic or something?
  4. tru-life Senior Member

    Copenhagen, Denmark
  5. tru-life Senior Member

    Copenhagen, Denmark
  6. sylveske New Member

    Actually i talked about this a few days ago with a friend of mine... It's a slang used in the Dominican Republic, and it means 'don't lie to me', 'no me mientas', 'no me cuentes historias' :). Roughly said it means 'don't talk shit to me'...
  7. tru-life Senior Member

    Copenhagen, Denmark
    ok thank you.
    And do you know what the other part means? "yo ando con los mios"

    Im a big fan of dominican rap but sometimes its real difficult to understand.
  8. ACQM

    ACQM Senior Member

    Manresa (Barcelona)
    Spain - Spanish
    It means "I'm with my people (my friends, my family,...)" /"I only have deals with my people" ("Andar" here is for hanging out, spend time, make deals, have social contact, etc.)

    But maybe ealier in the song says something about some things, some problems, ..., then it would mean "I mind my own (bussiness)" or "I have my own (problems, stuff).
  9. tru-life Senior Member

    Copenhagen, Denmark
    ok he says it in a lot of songs....but thank you!
  10. sylveske New Member

    Tru-life: I like the Dominican rap a lot too, luckily I have some Dominican friends who can help me out sometimes :)

    By the way: which rapper do you mean? Lapiz Consciente??
  11. loizena787 New Member

    Spanish - Puerto Riqueno
    wow ok none of you got it right really. no me des cotorra is like....dont come at me with BS. A cotorra is actually a parrot. And cotorra for dominicans is like the little sly way they talk when they are trying to make their point. Like a guy trying to get my number would come at me with cotorra. The same as if someone says " I'm n ot trying to hear that."

    Yo ando con los mio. Ando, I don't know about what other latino countries use it for but for ricans + dominicans, andar literally means to walk, or it can be used like being out and about.

    "la gata que siempre anda con el esta bien bonita."
    That means the girl he's always seen around with is very pretty. they dont have to be walking though. theyre just out and about.

    "Mayra tu siempre andas de ****." <--mayra carries herself like a prostitute.
    Uno puede andar a pie-literalmente caminando, o en carro guillando.

    So if I say "yo ando con los mio" it means I'm always with my crew, my boys. Los que andan conmigo.

    There's a difference between what a dictionary will tell you about what a word means and the way the word is actually used in a dialect. For example wordforums will tell you that a bicho is a small animal or insect but for ricans/dominicans its a penis. If a p. rican person says "dame pon" the word pon is not pon like from "poner." it just means give me a ride. The word corillo (for us) is not "m. corro donde se apartan algunas personas para hablar." A corillo is your group of friends. So its better when you're asking about colloquialisms to get it from someone from that region.​
  12. loizena787 New Member

    Spanish - Puerto Riqueno
    ACQM you had that all wrong homie. "I have my own problems????" se dice: Tengo mis propio problemas.
    I mind my own business? Cuido mis propio negocios. No me meto en negocio de nadie. Andar does not mean to "deal with."
    If you were gona say deal with a dominican/rican would use the word bregar. He would say yo brego con los mio, definately not ando. Where did you get that definition????
  13. loizena787 New Member

    Spanish - Puerto Riqueno

    ACQM you have that all wrong homie. I mind my own business??? I have my own problems??? Se dice "No me meto en negocio de nadie." or "Tengo mis propio problemas."
    But a dominican trying to say I only deal with my people would never use the word andar. Andar definately doesnt mean that. The word for dealing with something/someone is bregar. they would say "yo brego con los mio." Where did you get that definition?

    CARIELOS Senior Member

    Español - Colombia
    Hi tru-life

    It seems to me that "no me des cotorra" is a similar expression that we have in Colombia "no me des lora" and the translation would be something like "stop nagging at me" rather than "don't lie to me". However it is possible to find different meanings along Latin America.

  15. tru-life Senior Member

    Copenhagen, Denmark
    thank you loizena that was very use full!!!!
  16. ACQM

    ACQM Senior Member

    Manresa (Barcelona)
    Spain - Spanish
    "Yo ando con mis propios problemas" means "I have my own problems" in Spanish, maybe it is not used like that in República Dominicana, I've never been there and I've never said so, but it is colloquial Spanish in Spain. I've got that definition from my own experience, from the streets of my hometown, from my family, etc.

    I was trying to help so I don't know why you are so rude.
  17. Eltiguere New Member


    Im dominican and it means what it says.... It's called expressing the idea of a Cotorra talks alot and can weave his/her way out of any thing by talking ---- No me des ( mean- don't you give me--- ) Well if you break itdown in street language it only means what you put it .... ( don't give me Bullshit/game or all that nonsence talking you doing... But there's other ways of saying this .... And Yo ando con los mios .... Is I walk with my crew basically this guy always with a click so dont come with all that jibber jabber talking

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