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Discussion in 'Deutsch (German)' started by Ernesto91, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. Ernesto91 New Member

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    Hi everyone,
    I´ve just been trying to translate from English into German the phrase "no more or less ambition than to..." and am struggling to find the right structure! All I can think is the very literal translation of "nicht mehr, nicht weniger Ambition um..." but I´m not at all sure.
    Any suggestions would be very welcome!
    Thanks :)
  2. Liam Lew's Senior Member

    Would you like to provide us more context. I think there are different translations of ambitions. To figure out the best more context is needed. The word ambition can be translated as "Ambition/en", "Ehrgeiz", "Ziel" or "Bestrebung/en".
  3. lingpil Senior Member

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    Liam is right. More context is really important here. Because of "than to..." I suppose that the ambitions are more precisely described in the further sentence. Based on that, my idea would be: "Meine/Seine/Ihre Ambitionen sind nicht mehr und nicht weniger als (...) zu..." But this is just a careful idea. Regarding the given informations anything more accurate is not possible.

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