no obstante esta condición de ciudadano no excepcional

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    I'm trying to translate these two sentences by Pedro Salinas from his collection of essays entitles El defensor:

    Porque el escritor de cartas no es, ni tiene por qué ser, un artista, es un hombre, una mujer de entre todos; si escribe, no obstante esta condición de ciudadano no excepcional, escribe con estilo propio dice lo que dice a su manera, y si lo hace sentir al lector, no cabe duda que se lo debe a su educación en el lenguaje.

    I understand the sense of these sentences but I'm finding it difficult to actually translate them
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Unfortunately, your request violates the rules of the forum, which expressly prohibit proofreading.
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    Hi, singingcatx, and welcome to the forum.

    As ClimbEveryMountain says, the rules of the forum prohibit proofreading. However, since you have posted one sentence, we can allow this question if you tell us which phrase you are having trouble translating. Also, you should show us your attempt to translate that phrase.

    The reason is that this forum supports the dictionary, and it is organized like the dictionary: translating one word or short phrase at a time. So we need you to tell us which word or short phrase in this sentence that you want to translate. Then we can focus our replies on that phrase, and we can put that phrase in the title of this threads so that other users will be able to find it in a dictionary search.
  4. singingcatx New Member

    The bit i'm really stuck on is: no obstante esta condición de ciudadano no excepcional.

    I tried to translate it as: nevertheless this action of the citizen is not exceptional. However i'm not sure this really makes sense.
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    I think you should also mention something about the title, in case this post is included in the list of threads of WR dictionary.

    Singingcatx, you're attempt sounds good.
  6. Moosje New Member

    Hi singingcatx,
    I think you didn't get it right: according to me, the bit means "although this state of ordinary citizen (person)" - in the sense that he's not an artist - he writes in his peculiar style etc.:)
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    Moosje is right. "No obstante su condición.." in this case means "despite his not being exceptional..."(o whatever way you want to put it).
  8. FromPA

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    notwithstanding (this condition of) being a non-exceptional citizen...
    despite being an ordinary person

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