No one has a monopoly of virtue

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    I would have expected "No one has a monopoly on virtue." If it's correctly transcribed, perhaps that's the way this author says it, or that it was said that way at that time.

    Added: The title is singular, by the way: Nobody's Slave. And it's a historical novel, published in 2013.


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    Hi, Sophy.

    What does "No one has a monopoly of virtue" mean?
    This means that many different people have virtue. It is wrong to believe that the only virtuous people are people of a certain race, nationality, or social class.

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    Just an improbable thought - this is a historical novel set in Elizabethan times, so I wonder if perhaps the language reflects that at all.
    Flowersophy could you please give more context in your posts. It helps us give you the best answer when we know what's happening. Who says this? Of course the author is British and many of the characters are English.
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