1. noone Member

    uk francais
    What does "no onward chain" mean?
    It is a description for selling a house
  2. Klystron29

    Klystron29 Senior Member

    Guernsey, GB English
    There are several owners in "a chain" buying and selling houses. Often, the person buying a house is waiting for someone to buy his/her house, someone is waiting for clearance of a mortgage, someone else is waiting for survey etc. etc. All these factors can delay the sales and purchases in a "chain" of people. If you are lucky enough to be buying from a person who has already completed everything or maybe isn't buying another house then there is "no onward chain".
    That's how I see it, anyway. Is this what you were looking for?
  3. noone Member

    uk francais
    Thanks for this explanation. I think it is a good description and now I have understood the meaning of this phrase.

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