No overtime is paid to any employee

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Hello! I'm translating the following sentence into Spanish for an agricultural company's handbook and I want to make sure I have it right:

No overtime is paid to any employee for any workweek in which the employee works more than half of his/her working time as an irrigator.

Here is my attempt at a translation:

Empleados que trabajan como irrigador más que la mitad de sus horas de trabajo durante una semana no reciben pago de horas extras por dicha semana.

Edit: I asked a non-native speaking co-worker for her opinion on how to translate it and she gave me this:

No se retribuirá el tiempo extra en los casos que el empleado en una misma semana laboral trabaje más de la mitad de su tiempo total en actividades de riego.

Are either of our attempts correct?

Thank you!

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