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"Living in such a remote place was no picnic: most the time, there was no water or electricity."
In order not to misunderstand about picnic in "go for a picnic", can I rewrite the sentence like this:
=>Living in such a remote place was in difficult situation.”
Is it correct?
Can I say “most the time’ instead of “most of the time”
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    Don't use "in" before "difficult situation. This is correct: "Living in such a remote place was a difficult situation." It is not particularly idiomatic, though.

    "Most of the time" would be correct. "Most the time" is not.

    "Most times" would also be correct.


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    Almost. Something being "no picnic" doesn't mean that it's difficult, just that it isn't easy. What the writer used a device called an understatement. You got the correct meaning of the sentence though.

    Your rewrite is mostly correct. I'd say "Living in a remote place was difficult/hard".
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