No prop puppies


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In this part of the story, the man wants to have a street performance with their dog and he is trying to write something good on the cardboard sign. I don't understand the bold part:
“Can I borrow a marker, Jackson?” my dad asked.
I handed him my blue marker. “That guy on the corner by Target? He has a puppy.”
My dad studied a cardboard rectangle. “No prop puppies.”

Crenshaw by Catherine Applegate
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    A “prop”, in theatrical terms, is a piece of “property” (any portable item, such as a bag or a gun or a phone) that’s used in a play or film. That’s the meaning here. Presumably the man wants a puppy to use as a prop for his performance (although it’s not clear, since you imply he already has a dog)?


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    I can only see one page on Google Books, but it seems that the situation is more that he is going to be either begging or busking on a street corner and they are discussing whether having a dog as a prop would increase the amount of money that he would receive, i.e. people give more money to beggars with dogs. The dog isn't there to perform - it's just a prop.