1. tubagirl83 New Member

    usa, english
    how do you say in spanish, "no public restroom"?
  2. aliciamaravillas Member

    England, English
    no hay servicios/aseos publicos
  3. keeling

    keeling Senior Member

    Madrid, Spain
    UK. English, Español. Bilingual.
    puede ser también baños
  4. lauvaloca New Member

    Los Angeles, Ca.
    Spanish, English
    In the US, you may want to say "no hay baños públicos disponibles"
  5. Rogerq70 Senior Member

    Monterrey, Mexico
    Spanish Mexico
    If you are going to post a sign you only have to state:

    "Exclusivo empleados/clientes"

    This way you let all people know that access to restrooms is restricted.


  6. Cubanboy

    Cubanboy Senior Member

    Hola. Por aquí decimos: 'No hay baños públicos'.
  7. Dendee Senior Member

    Malaga, Spain
    Australia - English
    no hay aseos públicos
  8. Prog Lady

    Prog Lady Member

    Buenos Aires
    Spanish - Buenos Aires
    En Buenos Aires decimos "baños públicos"; prácticamente nadie diría "aseos públicos".

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