No puedo asegurar que vaya

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"No puedo asegurar que vaya" traducido al inglés creo que debe empezar con "I cannot make sure that..." Pero tampoco puedo asegurarlo :p ¿Me ayudáis? Gracias, un saludo.
  • Alice_2.0

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    Maybe "I can't say I'll go for sure"... I've actually made this up...:D (please, could anyone confirm if this phrase makes any sense?).

    Linton, you should give us some context in order to help you quickly and properly. :)


    Castellano (España)
    I definitely agree with Valeria, her translation sounds 100% natural, although the other one works for me too.
    You could also use the verb 'assure', in this context "asegurar, garantizar" (I cannot assure you...)
    Yours is incorrect because it means "no puedo asegurarme..." and that is not what we are looking for
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