No sé si podamos/podemos (subjuntivo)

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  1. miklo3600

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    Hola amigos:
    ¿Podríais aclararme esta duda? Es que en una canción de Selena hay una letra que dice, “No sé si pueda volver a amar. Por eso me surgió esta duda.

    No sé si podamos/podemos llegar a tiempo.

    ¿Con el uso de “no sé” impone el subjuntivo?
  2. Sköll Senior Member

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    No, it does not require the subjunctive. You can use subjunctive if you know that it sounds good to your audience (for example, it is used in Mexico). But if you use indicative, no one will think it is odd.

    See this for a recent discussion:
  3. AlbertoCrakito

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    Well, that phrase sounds weird to me. What I can asure you is that "pueda" written in present of subjunctive there, is used as an indetermined future verb meaning "No sé si podré volver a amar", because as far as I know the song eventually goes like "Porque te dí todo el amor que pude dar". It's just a mere esthetic resource. Really rhetorical.

    The "No sé" doesn't have anything to do here. Neither does your 2-option example phrase.
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  4. Rayines

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    Muy de acuerdo con Sköll :).
  5. VivaReggaeton88

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    I would only use the subjunctive in a situation like this if I really really doubted it. And to sound like that it would have to be said, not written:

    No sé si podamos regresar luego, que está lloviendo a cántaros.
  6. Rayines

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    Hello: It actually depends on the different countries. As Sköll says, it seems to be common in Mexico and I think in Colombia too. :)
  7. ampurdan

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    Dependiendo del contexto, puede ser que lo más indicado sea el futuro de indicativo:

    "No sé si podremos llegar a tiempo".

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