no saber por donde le da el aire a uno

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    alguna sugerencia mas para decir, no saber por donde le da el aire alguno. Usado cuando se explica algo a alguien, cualquiercosa y esta persona no capta absolutamente nada, y al ponerlo en practica, se da cuenta de que no sabe por donde le da el aire. Gracias
    That's good for that context , but if you ask them to do some exercises applying the rules or formulae, and he does,t do anything right. You tell him, no sabes por donde te da el aire , my friend>. Do you know?


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    What I mentioned earlier would still make sense, though. "That went right over your head" would indicate that he either didn't pay attention to or didn't understand anything you just explained.
    Thak u very much, I like the expression, I would say you don't undestand a fig, but I don't know if that is possible, I know is rude but still. OK thanks. MErry Xmas.
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