1. NURKA Member

    Spain, Spanish
    ¿Cuál sería la traducción al inglés de la locución adverbial "no sin antes"?

    Ej. Me despido de usted, no sin antes agradecerle su atención.

  2. Ratona Senior Member

    UK - Eng
    Si entiendo bien sería:

    I'll say goodbye to you now, but not without thanking you for your help first/beforehand.

    O: but first I must thank you...
  3. Antonino54 Senior Member

    Lima, Peru
    Peruvian, Español
    Dear friends
    Which would be the equivalent to "no sin antes" in formal English? For instance, in the following sentence:

    A consecuencia de su enfermedad falleció el 15 de julio de xxxx. no sin antes, padecer tremendos dolores a causa de ésta.

    My try is:

    As a result of his illness he died on July 15, xxxx, but not withour first/but no before/though not earlier suffering tremendous pains because of this.

    Which of the three options would be the best one? Perhaps there is another one, not so literal.
    I appreciate your comments on this issue.
  4. Gabriel

    Gabriel Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    Argentina / Español
    "Though not earlier" would not be correct as it would mean exactly the opposite, and even then I really don't know it it would be correct.
    "But not without first" could be, although I'd put the "first" after the clause: "But not without suffering a lot first"

    However, and not being very fluent in English, I think that the most natural option would be a simple "after": "..., after suffering..."

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