No, smoke always comes out my ears.

  • The phrase in the thread title means, "Yes, I've very angry, can't you see?"

    "I'm showing signs of anger {smoke coming from ears, metaphorically}"; then the sarcastic question, "Do you think I'm always like this? {In other words, nothing special is happening to make me angry, e.g. something you've done.}" The implied answer is "Of course, I'm not always like this. I'm very angry right now about something you've just done."


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    'What does "No, smoke always comes out my ears" mean?'

    I think this is extremely rare to say. In fact, I doubt anyone has ever said this.

    This is clearly a reply. It can only be used in reply to another person asking about the "smoke that is coming out of your ears", and specifically asking "does that smoke mean you are angry?" But an angry person never has smoke coming out of their ears. That only happens in cartoons.

    So a cartoon character might say this. Yosemite Sam is very angry, but trying to control it. The cartoon shows that, by having smoke trickle out of his ears while his face turns bright red. Bugs Bunny (who has been doing things to make Sam angry, while pretending to be nice) says to him "Hey doc, you're not ANGRY are you?" Yosemite Sam says this in reply.

    A few seconds later, Yosemite Sam loses control of his anger. The cartoon shows this by several huge explosions happening around him, while he jumps around and shouts things.