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I'm having trouble with "pas de" vs. "aucun(e)". This would be for a "No Soliciting" sign "Pas de Colporteur" for a building.

I'm not sure if all these will be included, but something like:

- No Charities
- No Surveys
- No Estimates
- No Petitions
- No Political Causes
- No Religious Appeals
- No Salespeople

So would it be:

- Aucune charité
- Aucun questionnaire
- Aucune estimation
- Aucune pétition
- Aucune cause politique
- Aucun appel religieux
- Aucun vendeur


- Pas de charité
- Pas de questionnaire
- Pas d'estimation
- Pas de pétition
- Pas de cause politique
- Pas de appel religieux
- Pas de vendeur

Or a mixture of the two depending on the word?

Also, please point out any other errors, grammatical or spelling (should there be "s" at the end of the words?). Any help would be appreciated.
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    Thank you, but this is not what I am after. We have the sign in English, so I'd like the French sign to reflect the same sign.


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    I'm sorry. I'm sure I made it more complicated than it had to be. I basically would like the translation for the English sign I listed. I'm not sure if the French I translated is correct or sounds right, and when to use "pas de" or "aucun".

    The sign is for an elderly couple who have a hard time going to answer the door and people selling things ring the doorbell often and can be persistent. A small sign they had didn't seem to work. So they would like a bigger one and more specific. The English sign will probably be this one, as I listed above.


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    In Belgium, "pas de" est utilisé.
    Je ne veux pas de pubs dans ma boîte, the sign reads "pas de pub SVP".


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    On a sign in a building:
    Démarchage ou colportage interdits
    Porte-à-porte interdit

    (You wouldn’t find pas de or aucun, which are not clear enough as a building law, so it is written: interdit)
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