No, still second place.


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It's the movie "The sense of an ending".
Three young guys are talking about the suicide of their friend Adrian who cut his wrists in the bath.
One of them says that Adrian knew how to do it, that he cut his wrists diagonally otherwise,
the person simply loses conscience and fails to commit suicide.
At this point, another friend says, "Well, perhaps you drown yourself."
But the first one replies,
"No, still second place. Adrian would have wanted first."

And I am a bit lost here.
Is there maybe some rating of suicides?
And wrist cutting is the first one? And drowning the second?
Is this what he is saying or I am out of the way here?

Thank you!
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    Is there maybe some rating of suicides?
    Yes, there probably is, and it is probably common to all cultures. This is not a matter of English language (other than your comprehending the passage.)

    Suicides can be classified (and sometimes are) by the dramatic effect of the suicide. At the top end of the scale, there is the suicide bomber who is most shockingly destroyed in a mass of disintegrating flesh and bone. At the bottom of the scale, there is probably something like an overdose of sleeping pills in which there is no visible signs of injury. (Men tend to prefer the more dramatic methods of suicide.)

    Cutting the wrists is relatively dramatic as the evidence of what has been done is clear for everyone to see, open wounds and a lot of blood. Drowning is far less dramatic - there is little evidence of struggling, pain and there is no damage to the body.
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