1. bellisa New Member

    Paris, France
    When someone tells you 'no sweat' does it mean 'pas de panique' 'reste cool' in French?
  2. opalo Senior Member

    English - Scotland
    No sweat = Simple comme bonjour
  3. Maggiejane Senior Member

    Ottawa, Canada
    English - Canada
    facile comme tout
  4. John Butters Senior Member

    Leicester UK
    It's just another way of saying - 'that's easy' or 'no problem' colloquially. Not 'don't panick' that would be 'don't sweat!' or 'don't get your knickers in a twist!' All colloquial but not vulgar.
  5. Columbus

    Columbus Senior Member

    I once asked an anglophone "What do you reply when somebody says Thank you?" And he told me "No sweat" So I gather that would be another use for the expression?:confused:
  6. dangph

    dangph Senior Member

    English - Australia
    "No sweat" sounds American to me. I would never use it myself.

    John, for "don't panic", I think people would more commonly say, "Don't sweat it!" rather than just "Don't sweat!"

    "Don't sweat it!" also sounds American to me.
  7. bellisa New Member

    Paris, France
    that's right. This is an American girl who was telling me that.
    No sweat, folks! :)
  8. John Butters Senior Member

    Leicester UK
    'No sweat' is very common in BE
  9. mancunienne girl Senior Member

    English - England
    Agree with Butters. "No sweat" is used here in the same way as "No big deal".
  10. hirondelled'hiver

    hirondelled'hiver Senior Member

    Oui, selon le contexte "no sweat" signifie que ça n'a pas demandé beaucoup d'effort (à celui qui rend service, par exemple).
    Dans certains cas, on peu même traduire par "de rien". Ou "c'était pas grand chose".
    Mais il faudrait plus de contexte...
  11. bellisa New Member

    Paris, France
    le contexte est vraiment celui-là. Donc finalement c'est l"équivalent de you're wlcome.
  12. edwingill Senior Member

    England English
    "pas de problème!
  13. bh7 Senior Member

    Limestone City
    Canada; English
    En effet, au lieu de "no sweat" pour "de rien" l'expression "no problem" a gagné du terrain.

    Ex.: - Thanks, Charly, for lending me a hand with this!
    - No problem.

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