no te metas a mi mona


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There are some lyrics from the Marc Anthony Aguanile song that say "no te metas a mi mona". This doesn't make any sense in the context. The full sentence previous to that also doesn't make sense to me. The full sentence says

Eh kyrie eleison christe eleison no te metas a mi mona

I can't figure it out. Can anyone help here?
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    Kyrie eleison:Señor, ten piedad.
    Christe eleison: Cristo, ten piedad.

    Both are latin and a part of the Catholic lithurgy.

    As for "no te metas a mi mona", I don't have the faintest idea.



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    Thanks. The context at least helps.

    When the song says "Aguanile, Auganile, Mai, Mai" does that make any sense to you? in a previous forum, someone thought that "Aguinile" meant spiritual cleansing -- but I didn't understand the "Mai, Mai" connotation


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    in peru mona (apart from female monkey, of course) means pretty and also very often drunk - i.e estoy con una mona de los mil diablos

    but it still doesn't make much sense, does it?


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    Chant from the Nigerian language Yoruba

    Aguanile is a Yoruban word which means ‘spiritual cleansing’.

    Aguan= a cleansing. (also refers to a basket that is used in ceremonies where different types of foods and animal offerings are contained after the inititates have cleansed themselves with these items.

    Ile= house

    Aguanile Mai Mai is a spiritual chant (Santeria) or praise to the Saint (Orisha) Ogun. Ogun is the god of war, metal, technology.

    Some other parts of the song are:

    Santo Dios, Santo Fuerte, Santo Inmortal
    Holy God, powerful Saint, immortal Saint

    Eh Kyrie Eleison, Christe Elaison, No Te Metas A Mi Mona
    Lord, have mercy; Jesuschrist, have mercy; and don’t mess around with us**
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