no te salves

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I'm translating Mario Benedetti's poem No te Salves.

"Don't save yourself" seems to be the accepted translation of "no te salves", but it makes little sense in English. "Don't escape yourself" makes more sense. Any thoughts?

Don't escape yourself

Don't stay still on the sidelines
Don't freeze joy or love half-heartedly
Don't escape yourself, now
Or ever

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  • R Gahan

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    You're right, it doesn't make much sense, but then again, "no te salves" doesn't make much sense in spanish either. so, I would just leave it as "don't save yourself". plus, I think it's a much more faithful translation than "don't escape yourself".

    Escocesa en Londres

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    I think it you could translate it as 'don't protect yourself', but definitely not 'don't escape yourself'.
    The poem is basically saying do not live half-heartedly, and coldly, to try to save yourself from pain. The poet says - if you must 'save yourself' in this way, then - 'no te quedes conmigo.' - don't stay with me.
    It seems to me that he is asking someone to live and love with abandon, without self-censorship or self-protection, otherwise, that life and love are not worth having.
    Good luck with the translation, it's a beautiful poem, and there are few good translations to English of Benedetti's work.
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