No tengo ni idea

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  1. jaykemin

    jaykemin Senior Member

    Hi to all foreros, como esta? I need your feedbacks guys. My superior told me that No tengo ni idea is grammatically incorrect. She actually translated it I do not have nor idea.

    I know that No tengo ni idea is very much correct. I've been using this for years. I see no error on grammar. Now, the thing here is, should I follow or believe her?
  2. desde aquel verano Senior Member

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    Hi, "no tengo ni idea" is perfectly grammatically correct (the double negative is used in Spanish)... your superior is simply wrong. ;)
  3. VenusEnvy

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    I don't understand, Jay. Didn't your two previous threads on the same topic help you? . . . .

    Here and here.

    EVAVIGIL Senior Member

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    Hello, Jaykemin!
    Tell your superior (in the nicest way possible) to check the RAE dictionary.
    There it says:

    no tener ni idea.
    1. fr. Desconocer por completo algo.

    So it is an established (and correct) phrase; you are right.

    Go for it!

  5. jaykemin

    jaykemin Senior Member

    Thanks desde aquel verano for the reply
  6. jaykemin

    jaykemin Senior Member

    Hi Venus, Its clear to me now, its just that I need this to present to her. Thank you so much for the time.
  7. jaykemin

    jaykemin Senior Member

    Thanks Evavigail, ya I knew I was correct. Just want to get inputs from you guys. Thank you so much.
  8. VenusEnvy

    VenusEnvy Senior Member

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    You are going to present evidence to your boss proving that he/she was wrong?! :eek: Whoa. Good luck! :thumbsup:
  9. NTFS

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    Hi nicole, sorry if jay posted multiple threads w/ the same topic. I guess he's just gathering documentations regarding this translation. We've been having problems w/ out NEW Quality Assurance Analyst. She's trying to tell us to follow her standardsand not the ones we've been using for how many years taking spanish calls, where in fact she had been on the callcenter floor for how many months and haven't reveiced that much spanish calls compared to us. We are not claiming that we are perfect spanish speakers but we are doing our best to be understood by our customers. Inspite of this, SHE is expecting us to speak in spanish PERFECTLY w/c we can't do because it's not our native tongue. Also, this person does not want to accept corrections and does not take criticism positively. We're so sorry for the inconveniece.

  10. Antartic Senior Member

    I wonder why you need to do this. To show that you have the truth? To embarrase her?
    My first answer to your question would be that your teacher doesn't have a good opinion about the sentence, NOR HAVE I. (Perhaps she made a mistake on saying 'correct' - 'incorrect'.)
    Even though is not gramatically incorrect, it's wordy and I would be say just: No tengo idea -> clear and straightforward.

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