no tiene ni pies ni cabeza

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  1. No puedo entender esta expresión:
    (Ayúdame por favor,) esto no tiene ni pies ni cabeza.

    ¿¿Se significa que "es difícil"??

    Gracias de antemano ;)
  2. Residente Calle 13 Senior Member

    New York City
    Dice el DRAE:

    no tener algo pies ni cabeza.
    1. fr. coloq. No tener orden ni concierto.
  3. Soy Yo Senior Member

    EEUU - inglés
    I can't make heads or tails out of that expression. There's no rhyme nor reason to it. It makes no sense at all.
  4. traslation_student New Member

    not having feet or head (i'm sorry becaouse the literal traslation) means that something is very unclear, in other words something (a problem, a clue, a mistery) that is very difficult to understand because is very confuse at the first sight.

    i hope have been clear.

    note: i'm a native spanish speaker, if you want me to explain you in spanish just tell me.

  5. dinis.dinis Senior Member

    Dear Translation Student,

    Just a few tips to "polish" your English:

    sorry FOR the literal translation NOT sorry BECAUSE the literal translation
    it is very CONFUSING NOT it is very CONFUSE
    to expain IT TO you in Spanish NOT to explain X X you in spanish

    English is a "drag" but you"ll "get it down" if you really want to. Just keep on making steady progress.

  6. Bambam Senior Member

    Spanish (Spain)
    Feel free to correct me as well! I believe that it´s the best way to learn quickly!
  7. Carmen.Tamadaba Member

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    Spanish. Spain
    Have you ever tried to make a do-it-yourself Ikea cupboard? You can break your neck trying to put everything in the right place but ....some moments later you say desperately : "Esto no tiene pies ni cabeza" (I don't understand how to do it). Of course, your five year-old son/daughter will come to help you...... ;) Good day!
  8. Soy Yo Senior Member

    EEUU - inglés
    Right: "I can't make heads or tails out of this."
  9. Honeypum

    Honeypum Senior Member

    Madrid / Spain
    "Esto no tiene ni pies ni cabeza" means that something makes no sense.
  10. Juliomelecio

    Juliomelecio Senior Member

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    Español Venezuela
    No lo puedes entender precisamente porque no tiene ni pies ni cabeza.
  11. ¡Muchas gracias a todos!
  12. dec-sev Senior Member

    What is in green and what is in blue is not exactly the same, I'm afraid.
    "I can't make heads of tails out of something" means that you are confronted with something tricky that you can't understand, while 'it makes no sense' doesn't involve any attempts to understand it. For example an English learner tries to write a sentece and makes a lot of mistakes. Something like "Peter don't fly under wood' He asks you to check if the sentece is correct and you say that the sentece makes no sence at all.
    "I can't make heads of tails out of something" on the contrary can be used when, for example, the sentece is correct but your knowledge of English is not enough to understand it.
    So, if my reasoning is correct and 'eso no tiene ni pies ni cabeza' corresponds more to the 'this makes no sence', what is the best way to render the idea of "I can't make heads of tails out of something" in Spanish?

    Edit: quizá "no le encuentro ni pies ni cabeza" en vez de "eso no tiene ni pies ni cabeza"
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