No Toda Distancia Es Ausencia, Ni Todo Silencio Es Olvido

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  1. BeeBlack Member

    Please help, how can you interpret it in english?..
    actually i can't understand clearly all words in sms (No Toda Distancia Es Ausencia, Ni Todo Silencio Es Olvido, y anque la vida nos cambie el destino, siempre te llevare conmigo) which sent me my boyfriend.. i know it's about distance between us and dificulties of our lives, and all i understand is "the distance is nothing....altough life bring us through a destiny you will always be with me" but i want to understand it right- full sense..
    Thank you!...

    EVAMINAMBRE New Member

    Not always the distance is absence (Which means that althougth your are far away from each other you are not alone)
    Not always the silence is obscurity (Although you don't listen to his voice, he hasn't forgot you)
    Althouht life changes our destinies I will always bring you with me
  3. MiriamE Senior Member

    Malaga (Spain)
    Distance does not neccesarily imply absence, nor does silence imply forgetfulness. Even if life changes our destiny, you will always be in my heart.
  4. BeeBlack Member


    Thank you sooo much!!! ...I didn't need direct translation so much as an explanation of the phrases!!
  5. BeeBlack Member

    Mucho gracias!!

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