No voinhan mä tulla tänne ...


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Hi ^^

I have a Finnish friend who loves to drive me crazy with this language... Today she wrote something in Finnish to me. I tried to translate it myself but since there aren't good online dictionaries for Finnish language I wasn't able to understand much, only a few words like hell, pig and so on. So I hope someone here can help me with her message.

"No voinhan mä tulla tänne suomeakin jauhamaan, mutta eihän siitä nyt kukaan helvetti tajua mitään!

Mut ihan sika mageet päästä osalliseks tämmösiin bileisiin.


Thanks a lot,

  • Hakro

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    Hi Niam,

    Of course it's impossible to translate this text with dictionaries - even with good ones - as there are endings and slang words and slang expressions. The idea of the message is roughly something like:

    "Well, I can come here (there?) to speak Finnish although nobody gets a hell of an idea of it!
    But it's extremely fun to get into a party like this.

    Kiss hug M....?"

    The translation is missing the proper slang expressions because I don't know them in English.

    The last word is probably a name. Is it your name?


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    Hello Hakro!

    Thank you very much for your help!
    I already expected that she's using slang since we had a discussion about how hard it is to talk "clean" german or finnish if you always use slang ^^;;;

    Yes, Miha is my name.. or at least my nickname which is used more often than my real name ^^;;

    Again, thank you very much!!