No ways! You are welcome!

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Hi, is it possible to reply "No ways!" to someone thanking you, if you want to be particularly emphatic, or is it inappropriate/out of place?


A. Thank you so much for helping with the kids while my wife was sick!

B. No ways! Everybody would have done that in my place!

Thank you :)
  • ewie

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    :eek::eek::eek: I (personally) can't imagine doing that, Chip. I might (just about) manage to reply No probs, but never No ways.


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    1. The idiom is "No way!", not "No ways!"
    2. "No way! Everybody would have done that in my place!" is wrong: it is not idiomatic.

    No way = emphatic no.

    A: "Would you like to eat this dead cat?"
    B: "No way!"


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    "No ways!" is occasionally used to express excessive/mock surprise, but is not common. More often it's used to parody those who use "No way!" too much. It's not that common even then.
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