No wonder <fuck-all> Americans got a passport

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It's the movie "Good Kill".
Four military Americans in some base in Las Vegas are out in town.
One of them begin some bizarre evaluation of Las Vegas like,
"Fucking Vegas, you wanna see how civilization ends, come here."
And then, he goes on,
"No wonder fuck-all Americans got a passport.
They think the world's all here."

I am not sure about "fuck-all" here.
Is he simply saying simply "Now wonder all Americans...."?
Or is it something more here?
I am not sure about his logic on the passports here, as a matter of fact.

Thank you
  • Glasguensis

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    fuck-all means zero/none - no wonder there are no Americans who have a passport. (This is an exaggeration for comic effect - he means "no wonder so few Americans have a passport")


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    (British, taboo, slang) absolutely nothing or very little:

    If you can't do this then there's fuck all hope for you.


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    American English
    I agree with all the "nothing, zero" people, and most commonly hear it paired with "know": He knows fuck all about fixing cars.
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