No wonder then that we are so confident


How to understand the logic of "No wonder then that we are so confident..."? Because the implicit paradigm in our mind tends to confirm itself, or in other words, to inject itself with confidence, hence we feel that we are confident... (It appears to be that we are playing with ourselves with self-comforting skills...)

That is what I got from the logic. Am I on the right track?


“something like a paradigm is prerequisite to perception itself. What a man sees depends both upon what he looks at and also upon what his previous visual-conceptual experience has taught him to see. In the absence of such training there can only be, in William James’s phrase, ‘a bloomin’ buzzin’ confusion.’”

Hence, because we perceive and experiment on things and events partly defined by an implicit paradigm, these things and events tend to confirm, by construction, the paradigm. No wonder then that we are so confident today that nature consists of arrangements of matter/energy outside and independent of mind.

-Scientific American

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    Your explanation is fine.

    My way of saying it is that we use pre-existing paradigms to judge our perceptions and experiments, we tend to be sure of ideas and explanations that agree with those paradigms.
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