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I've been told that "no wonder" is very informal for academic writing. What other word can I use? Any suggestions?

e.g. It is used for everyday activities such as shopping, banking, and no wonder, to make new friends"

Thank you

  • Sabapathy

    It is no wonder that he got through the exam. - Informal
    Meaning about the exitement .

    It is no surprise that he got through the exam - formal
    Meaning the knowledge of passing through sucessfuly in the exam was known earlier

    - from Sabapathy


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    I feel that "no wonder" does not even make sense in the sample sentence at all. I think "of course" is what was meant.

    "No wonder" means that some fact is not surprising. It can be used just before stating a fact:

    No wonder he didn't make any friends: he couldn't speak their language.

    It can also be used with the fact understood though not expressed:

    No wonder: he couldn't speak their language.

    The fact may have already been expressed:

    He didn't make any friends, and no wonder: he couldn't speak their language.

    There is no unsurprising fact expressed or implied in the sample sentence in connection with "no wonder", which comes in the middle of a list of everyday activities.


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    Thank you for replying!

    So, are you sure there's no way to use "no wonder" in the middle of a sentence. I have to admit that my example was a bit weird. I was just looking for a more formal word or phrase to express a contrasting/surprinsing idea.

    "This and this, and no wonder, that".



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    I'm not sure it's the position in the middle of the sentence that's the problem, Feist_5BLA. Forero's post gives excellent examples of how we use "no wonder".

    For your original question, I like either "unsurprisingly" or "of course". "Unsurprisingly" has overtones of "I am not surprised about this"; "of course" implies "as you (the reader) and I both know".
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