No worries - in Australian English

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I often heard that the Australian speak 'No worries' in many contexts. I just want to collect how many meanings are there for the expression. Could anyone have a list of that and give some examples of each meaning? Thanks a lot!
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    I'm not Australian, but I think 'no worries' can also be used to mean 'You're welcome'.

    Edit: Agree with A.F. Ferri - it's a phrase that will be commonly understood throughout the English-speaking world, as far as I'm concerned.
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    It's a pretty common phrase in the English world as far as I know. It just means don't worry about it. It's generally used after someone thanks you for doing something to tell them that they shouldn't feel indebted to you.


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    No worries is definitely agreed to be the MOST Aussie phrase there is. Despite it being easily understood elsewhere, what makes it Australian is the frequency that Australians use it. It's constant.

    It often is said instead of "ok". It just means "cool", or "that's fine" or "sweet". And it overlaps a bit with another really common Aussie phrase "too easy".

    Eg. In response to:

    "I've gotta go"

    "Can you pick up some milk on your way home?"

    "We don't sell that here"

    "I'm going to drop off Kate then come pick you up straight away"

    Yeah pretty much any situation that someone wants to reassure someone else even on the smallest level, it can be used.
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