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I have looked up translations for "no worries" and "no fear" in French and only return is sans souci etc .....however my mother-in-law who recently passed away used to use a French phrase that her father picked up when serving in France and Belgium during the First World War - it sounded like "sans ferien" or "sans fairien" (fairy-ann in English :) ) does anyone know what she was trying to say - my partner would like to put it on her memorial plaque but I can't find anything close that fits. Can anyone help me please?
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    That could be it - is it used in that way? say "no worries" or "don't worry" "no fear" translator says it's :"that does not do anything"


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    In Australia, "no worries" is often used and can be translated by:
    « Pas de problème », « Aucun problème », « Il n'y a pas de mal » (« 'y a pas d'mal »), « Pas de soucis »...
    It does not quite answer your question though. As pointed by FrançoisXV, « Ça ne fait rien » is likely to be what you asked for.

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    (for LQ) Perhaps your grand dad...-in-law...was saying "ça fait rien", c'est à dire "it doesn't matter" or "it's nothing".
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