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    Please help me get this forum off to a good start by adding synonyms for "no" :)

    You should see a box at the top of your screen with the current entry. Click the word "no" to get to the thesaurus entry, where you can click on "add a term" to add to the entry.
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    I think there should <be> sense categories for not any (as in No boys allowed) and refusal or denial (as in No, I won't; Did you do it? Nope.)
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    Duke Taylor added to the list:

    naw; hell naw
    Naw, that aint what I meant...

    "Did you axe them about borrowing the lawn mower," she said. "Hell naw... I wouldn't step foot near 'dat house," he responded.

    "Did you eat anything, yet," his father asked. "Naw, paw, I aint ate, yet," he replied.
    Southern colloquial

    not even
    Eh, brah... you when pick up 'da cah' today at the auto shop?
    You nevah told me pick up 'da kine...
    Not even, I told you 5 times yestah'day, no ack, and don't give me stink eye neetha' bra or goin geev you leekings (lickins'/whoopin'/beat down/bruiser/blackeye)!
    Hawaiian colloquial Pidgin

    Duke T
    mahalo :)

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