Nobody is so courageous as to / that

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Codinome Shlomo

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Portuguese (Brazil)

I wonder if these sentences sound ok: "Nobody is so courageous as to never fear" and "Nobody is so wise that has never made any mistakes."

Basically, my question is related to using "as to" or "that". Are both ok?

Could you please explain it to me?

Thank you
  • Cagey

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    You should use 'as to' in both of your sentences:

    Nobody is so courageous as to never fear.
    Nobody is so wise as to never have made any mistakes.
    The construction with 'that' is different:

    Nobody is so courageous that they never fear / are never afraid.​


    British English
    Basically I would say it's no man is so courageous that he has never known or experienced fear, and no man is so wise who has never made any mistakes. Cross posted
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