noc. basicas de oficina

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    ¡Hola!: ¿Me podrían ayudar con unas palabras? Estoy tratando de traducir una diploma escuela secundaria...
    ¿Alguien sabe "NOC. BÁSICAS DE OFICINA" y "FUND. CONTABILIDAD" en inglés?
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  2. Roberto_Mendoza

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    Spanish - México
    Creo que son abreviaturas de 1) nociones y 2) fundamentos.
  3. Jaiba Senior Member

    Monterrey, Mexico
    Estoy de acuerdo con Roberto Mendoza.

  4. JB

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    Fund. Cont - (I assume this is the name of a class).
    The actual name for this class in a U.S. school would vary. Some would say
    Fundamentals fo Accounting
    others would call it
    Principles of Accounting

    As to Basic "Notions" of Office, "notions" makes no sense in English in this context. Since the accounting class was "basic", I am guessing an English equivalent of this class might be something like:
    Basic Office Procedures
    Introduction to Office Work

    Maybe someone whose native language is Spanish will have a better idea. It would help for you to tell us what country this CV comes from.
    For the future, please review the links below.
    Sobre Contexto
    About Context
  5. tigeri New Member

    thank you everyone for the reply it helped a lot :) the country I'm doing is Venezuela.. btw Bolivia and Venezuela are two different countries,,, then why call Venezuela as the bolivarian republic of venezuela?

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