noch schnell

  • It doesn't add much to the meaning. It means something like "in addition to all the things we had to do at the airport", so it suggests that the purchase of the souvenirs was a last-minute optional add-on, maybe more hectic than expected.
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    She is going to the checkout, and he is still quickly getting a bottle of sparkling wine
    That's pretty close to the meaning. So what was your question in the first place?

    I don't like "still" for "noch", though.

    I mean, can it not be broken down into "noch" (still) and "schnell" (quickly)?
    ...und er holt noch den Sekt
    ...und er holt schnell den Sekt.

    Both parts work alone, too.
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    noch Part (Sache: dazu, ein Weiteres) another pron
    still adv
    Ich hätte gerne noch einen Pfannkuchen, wenn möglich.
    I would really like another pancake if possible.
    noch - Wörterbuch Deutsch-Englisch -
    They think they have everything they need, but then one of them remembers that they have forgotten the sparkling wine. They need the wine "dazu" – in addition to the rest. So the guy goes quickly to the wine shelf, gets the wine, and returns to his wife / girl-friend, who is standing in the queue.

    Alles klar? :)
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