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The noddy badge used to be explained to me as "if you do a minor good thing (say, show someone the way, or as an adult get an A in a year 5 dictation) and you make a great show and dance about it, then people may say "you really get the noddy badge now""

Urban dictionary's sole definition however makes it simply equivalent to "idiot" -

noddy badge 7 up, 1 down
When someone licks their thumb, and stamps another on the forehead.

Synonymous with stupidity, and wankers
p1: Whats a Noddy Badge??
p2: **stamps person with Noddy Badge**

That said I have an English friend who attested to having never heard of the concept.

Now I would like to hear other native Brits' opinions!
  • Suspishio

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    I'm a native Brit. The common use of the word "noddy", in my experience, is in the context of "noddy guide" as in akin to "Windows for Dummies".

    Noddy was a simple minded puppet character on children's TV and in a series of books.


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    I haven't heard of it, but I would guess from knowing Noddy, that it means the person is a bit simple.

    A GB expression for an adult getting praised for doing something quite simple would be 'to get Brownie points'. This comes from the Brownie Guide organisation for young girls.